Gamba Osaka vs Shimizu S-Pulse

J-League Division 1 2010 34th match
in Austa nihondaira stadium in Shizuoka.

Finally, the last match of season 2010.
Gamba had to beat Shimizu that has strong attacking power to keep within 3rd rank and it means to get ACL(Asian Champions League) participation rights.
More than 1,500 Gamba fans gathered in Shimizu from Osaka and other places to see most important match of this season for Gamba.
The beginning of game, Gamba & Shimizu each other attacked with aggressive.
16min Gamba’s Brazilian striker Lucas scored first goal in this game with lucky that Shimizu defender’s miss.
48min Gamba scored 2nd goal in this game by Takei’s first goal since he entered professional.
2nd half, Gamba had to defend for a long time because of Shimizu’s so aggressive attack.
but Gamba did never arrowed score against Shimizu, and finally 86min Gamba scored 3rd goal in this game by Sasaki.

Gamba won against Shimizu 3-0, and got 2nd rank in final result of this season and 4 consecutive seasons of ACL participation rights !!!
We will be able to challenge to get Asian Champion ship again since we got 2008.









by gamlastan1980 | 2010-12-06 12:02 | Football !!

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